If you follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water but still feel like you’re dragging, you’re not alone. Or maybe you’re looking to jump-start your weight loss program and boost your performance in the gym. If either of these apply to you, an infusion from Prime IV Hydration & Wellness might be exactly what you need to revitalize.

Prime IV is committed to helping people look, feel and perform their best by infusing proprietary blends of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fluids directly into the bloodstream, which allows cells to quickly access key nutrients for healing and wellness. 

“Getting an IV can be the quickest, most effective way to deliver crucial fluid and nutrients throughout your body,” said Heidi Neville, regional developer for the St. George spa. “IV therapy takes what hospitals have been doing for years in terms of fixing dehydration and nutrition deficiencies.” 

Prime IV specializes in enhancing health and preventing illness through 100% absorption of vitamins, nutrients and aminos intravenously for rapid results. Neville said that only 20-30% of a supplement’s potency is absorbed by the body when taken orally, but IV hydration therapy bypasses the digestive system for maximum efficacy. Each drip from Prime IV gives patients up to 10 times more nutrients during a single treatment lasting 45-60 minutes than they could receive orally in an entire day.

Neville brought Prime IV to St. George with a passion for helping the community take control of their health. She said IV hydration therapy provides unique nutritional benefits that patients can’t obtain through any other method. She takes pride in providing a comfortable and competitively priced wellness spa experience to every patient who walks in the door. 

“It’s not just about IV therapy,” she said. “It’s also about making a connection with people.” 

iv therapy for sickness

Customers are not only feeling the connection but also the wellness benefits. Prime IV was recently voted the community’s favorite day spa in the Best of Southern Utah contest in 2021. 

“We had so many of our customers take time out of their busy days to vote for us,” Neville said. “It’s not something they have to do, and we feel very honored that they chose us as the Best of Southern Utah.” 

At Prime IV, patients can build customized drips to suit their unique health needs and goals, from maximizing athletic performance and fighting the visual effects of aging to lessening the duration of colds and alleviating the symptoms of jet lag, to name just a few. Neville said people living with autoimmune disorders and other conditions including allergies, migraines and chronic fatigue have also reported tremendous benefits from IV hydration therapy. 

Monthly membership options are available for added convenience and affordability. Neville encourages patients to come in regularly to ensure their nutritional levels are always at a surplus. 

Prime IV also offers injections for busy people who can’t fit an infusion into their schedule but need a quick boost of essential nutrients like glutathione, magnesium, vitamin C, taurine or biotin. Since opening in March 2020, the spa has delivered more than 11,300 healing infusions and injections to Southern Utah patients.

“I think the community is starting to realize that nutrition is very important,” Neville said. “Often, deficiencies in vitamins are what’s causing all of these different ailments.”  

Although many people visit Prime IV for help with nutritional deficiencies and dehydration, infusions are also used as a preventative treatment to maintain optimal health. Everyone can experience the transformative benefits of IV hydration therapy in the comfort of a therapeutic spa environment featuring zero-gravity massage chairs for VIP guests and first-time customers.

Prime IV employs a highly skilled and certified staff of medical professionals committed to every patient’s wellness journey. If you’re looking to improve your health from the inside out and unlock your body’s fullest potential, now is the time to see what IV hydration therapy can do for you. 

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“You deserve to feel good,” Neville said. “Let’s activate your health.”

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.