Prime IV Hydration in St George

$99 Passion DRIP


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Your $99 Passion Drip Offer Includes:


VIP Access


Primary IV


Massage Chair


Oxygen Therapy

Feel Better, Look Better, And Perform Better.

Why Prime IV?

We want you to feel better, look better and perform better TODAY!  When you feel run down, are getting sick frequently, experience the effects of premature aging or are not performing at your optimal level it is likely due to a vitamin deficiency.  IV therapy is the most effective and fastest way to increase your vitamin and nutrient levels because your body absorbs 100% of our specifically formulated blends IMMEDIATELY.  

Our expert staff specializes in IV placement.  While you receive your treatment you will also be able to choose to relax in one of our full body luxury massage chairs or comfortable recliners.  We love seeing the results of our clients and what a difference it makes in their lives to get their bodies performing better!  We can’t wait to see how we can help you get the results you want!